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Burren mountain farm
Burren view
Oliver and Colette Nagle

Our Retreats

Burren Gentian

We operate a family farm in the West of Ireland, using traditional practices dating back thousands of years that respect the land and living environment around us and the lives of the animals in our care. We look forward to introducing you to how we live and the magic and beauty around us.
The distinctive limestone karst landscape of the Burren, its grassy lowlands and iconic coastline nearby provide so many opportunities to soak in the healing and inspiring atmosphere of this unique corner of the world. Only 20 minutes from us you’ll find the famous beach and golf course at Lahinch, with the stunning Cliffs of Moher just a bit further up the road.
Limestone Yoga offers a variety of retreat packages designed to help you relax and refresh your body, mind and spirit. We regularly schedule group retreats encompassing yoga, outdoor exploring and healthy and delicious locally produced food. See the details of these below.
We also love to cater to groups – friends who practise yoga together, a weekend away with the girls, a getaway for likeminded busy mums, empty-nesters looking for something different, families exploring their Irish roots, or even corporate team building - we can’t wait to welcome you.
Whatever you are looking for – exhilarating exercise overlooking the wild Atlantic, fresh air on an authentic West of Ireland farm followed by cosy traditional pubs, the timeless serenity of the Burren limestone vistas - we can put together a program tailored to your wishes.
How about hiking, surfing, kayaking or canoeing, beach walks, or invigorating sea or lake swims in the pristine and magical countryside of the Burren? Please use the contact form to inquire about the full list of activities we can organise

for you with local providers.

Retreat 1 – Burren Mountain Hike/Walks - €99pp -4 hours

Join Oliver ( farming for nature ambassador 2019 )& Colette on a Burren Farm walk/Hike Experience.

 Oliver and his family farm 121 acres of winterage, meadow and pasture on the Burren at Slieve Carron, Co. Clare.

Oliver has done a variety of conservation actions on the farm, including restoring old field systems and

protecting natural springs.  Oliver shares his knowledge  & history of The Burren freely through out these walks .

You will get the opportunity to explore & learn about the geological and archaeological features of the area.

Management of Flora & grasses. 

The Burren is a solitary, austere and strangely beautiful place that makes your senses come alive. 

The mystique of the Burren flora lies not so much in the frequency of rare species, but in the assemblage or

co-habitation of certain plants and the Burren locations the choose.

The unique circumstances prevailing in the Burren Walks/Hikes are most strikingly demonstrated by

the simultaneous occurrence of the Mediteranian orchid and the artic alpine species Mountain Aven's ,

spring Gentian .The Burren , with its high oceanic climate, is never out of Bloom .

Oliver & Colette will create a Retreat package that suits your needs. Option to Practice Yoga & Meditation surrounded by thePanoramic views . Awaken the Senses 








Retreat 2 –  Exploring the Farm- €70pp - 3/4hours

 Once you arrive at their Home Farm  just outside the quiet village of Corofin, Co. Clare. You are welcomed into their

Self built yoga studio nestled in the center of their bio-diversity gardens and Farm. 

 This Retreat caters for those who would love to experience and learn about farm life on the gateway to the Burren.

suitable for all levels.

Relax with Morning yoga  & Meditation in our stunning yoga studio, with underground heating.

Reconnect with your inner self  surrounded by the sound of Nature. Be inspired by workshops ,eat healthy food meet new friends , farm walk , connection with nature, walk along the river Fergus soaking up the atmosphere.

Exploring the farm retreat is an excellent way to nourish both body and mind. 

Retreat 3-Yin yoga & Sound Bath retreat E40pp

The Yin yoga and Sound bath retreat at limestone yoga retreat center in Corofin. Co. Clare. is incredibly rejuvenating. Its 

a wonderful opportunity to nurture both body and mind through gentle stretching and the soothing sounds of Tibetan bells

Letting go and tuning inward amidst such serene surroundings are be truly transformative.

For more info click below



Retreat 4 -Surf & Yoga Retreat E70pp

Limestone Stone yoga & Bens Surf Clinic have created yet another amazing retreat.
he surf and yoga retreat collaboration between Ben's Surf Clinic and Limestoneyoga in Lahinch beach sounds fantastic! It's aimed at everyone, catering to beginners in both yoga and surfing, as well as more experienced individuals looking to deepen their practice or skills in either activity. It offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation for all levels of participants.

No experience required in Yoga or Kayaking for this retreat




Restorative Yoga Retreat

Restorative Yoga to Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate..

Restorative Yoga provides a complementary space for both physical

and metal relaxation.

Restorative yoga is all about letting go ,feeling held and restoring your body to its

normal state.  The aim of Colette's class is that you feel no tension at all. Nowhere in your body.

Colette creates a relaxing atmosphere, where candles are lit, music is soft and lights are dimmed. Colette reads beautiful poetry . Activation of the Sense of Smell with Essential oils...

Props are used throughout the class to accommodate all needs of your joints.

Colette's Class is meditative, slows brain waves and running thoughts. Ideal for anybody 

whos life is busy and would love the opportunity to just slow down even if just for a few hours.

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