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Mother & Baby Yoga

Mother and Baby yoga is a lovely bonding experience with your baby. It’s a wonderful way to ease back into yoga , or if your new to yoga a great way to start a new and healthy practice. 

Colette has created a warm, safe welcoming  space , A  relaxed calm space where  Mothers And babies can connect  can feel  nurtured. Colette encourages everyone in her classes to relax and the choice to share in circle time at the beginning of class. An opportunity to meet other mother’s. Colette’s  yoga classes are  safe gentle exercises to help the healing of your postnatal body and are safe to take for everyone from 6wks postpartum vaginal birth or 10wk post caesarean birth.

Our yoga layout introduces the connection of breathe to help with anxiety, stress, sleep 

Circle time at the beginning and at the end of each class. this gives everyone an opportunity to introduce yourself and your baby and maybe if wish share or ask questions to the group.

Than we move into a gentle flow of Yoga (Vinyasa flow) through song and nursery rhymes, to help with the interaction of your baby throughout the class, Baby interaction .. Gentle yoga movements throughout the practice…. We then finish with A loving Meditation Colette quotes positive affirmations throughout the practice. Colette believes that the more we say nice things to ourselves, the more the body responds in a positive way …


End Circle time with a chat and an option to have a cup of tea/coffee.

Class times & days can be found on the 'Booking Page'

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