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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga incorporates principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with poses (asanas) that are held for longer periods of time than in most other styles. For beginners, poses may be held from 45 seconds to two minutes whilst more advanced practitioners may stay in one asana for up to five minutes or more. The sequences of poses stimulate channels in the body known as meridians in Chinese medicine. These meridian points and lines are the spots on the body where acupressure can be applied to relieve stress, headache, insomnia or other ailments, incorporating the same principles as acupuncture. Yin yoga focuses on the fascia, the underlying connective tissue in which our muscles and other systems are enmeshed. Yin yoga can improve mobility and flexibility of the fascia and literally help melt tension away.

Class times & days can be found on the 'Booking Page'

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