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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga Gentle yoga throughout pregnancy is beneficial to both physical and mental wellbeing. It also boosts confidence, connects women and provides a safe space for sharing experiences. This kind of practice also empowers mothers and mothers-to-be during what can be a challenging time. 


Pregnancy is a time of so many changes, emotionally, physically, in our relationships with others and not least with ourselves. Colette creates a calming, safe space where every woman can take time to look inward during this exciting time and share with other women, to whatever extent they feel comfortable doing so.


The session always starts with a sharing circle for women to talk about their individual journeys of pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga incorporates focused breathwork to calm body and mind. Colette also introduces other breathwork for during the journey through pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood. Specific exercises and poses, like squats, lunges and pigeon pose, for instance, benefit strength and flexibility and help your body to make space for baby. Gentle activity can also encourage baby to be positioned optimally for birth. Colette incorporates movement with a birthing ball, chair yoga and restorative pregnancy yoga. As any person who is or has been pregnant is aware, aches, swelling and discomfort come with the territory. From years of experience of her own and from working with countless pregnant mums, Colette can give suggestions of poses and practices to enhance comfort. Sessions also include meditation to facilitate reflection and connection with baby.


Colette’s pregnancy yoga also incorporates helpful talks from guest speakers on all areas related to pregnancy and birth. These could include dedicated talks from midwives, lactation consultants, doulas, acupuncturists, and hypnobirthing practitioners, to name a few.

Class times & days can be found on the 'Booking Page'

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