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Join Colette , Petrina & Emma for Our Pregnancy Retreat.

Colette is a 500hr Qualified yoga teacher and Limestone studio owner from Corofin. Co. Clare.

Petrina is the breast Advocate and reaches out to many people all over ireland .

Through her website and

Our aim is to provide  Mothers to be and Mothers  with information on breastfeeding and Yoga to help your Mind & body while you are breast feeding.

Why yoga is beneficial for breastfeeding

  • Increased oxytocin output
  • Improved stress management
  • A way to re-connect with your body
  • Helps relax muscles and reduce pain

Benifits of Breastfeeding & information on Breastfeeding

- How to prepare for breastfeeding whilst pregnant 

-Knowing common issues thar can incur over first few weeks

-Learning normal baby breastfeeding behaviour 

-Learning normal newborn behaviour 

-Advocating for yourself whilst breastfeeding 

-Hospital & Community Supports Available

-Different methods of feeding, including exclusive breastfeeding,  pumping and combi-feeding.


For new mums with babies:

-How breastfeeding changes over time

-Breastfeeding and starting solid food

-Breastfeeding when returning to work

-Breastfeeding and starting childcare

-Different methods of feeding, including exclusive breastfeeding,  combi-feeding and pumping

-Breastfeeding and Teething 



Be-well-birth well

Will discuss:

Pain Relief techniques for labour including


EFT tapping


& Crystals



@limestone yoga Studio V95NF74

Thursday 25th Jan 6pm







Pregnancy Retreat

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