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Yoga Classes For All Levels (Vinyasa Flow Yoga)

Vinyasa Flow Yoga helps build strength, increase muscle flexibility, improve heart health and alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. The session starts with breathwork and a centering exercise to bring you into the space and ground you. Colette then guides you through a flow of poses (asanas), with variations to suit all abilities, needs and preferences. You are invited to move your body in a way that is suitable and comfortable for you, taking into account your experience and the level of challenge you seek. Colette’s guidance will encourage you to listen to your body and honour what is happening in yourself. Engaged in the flow, you will find yourself stretching every part of your body, improving your flexibility and strength and truly getting out of your head and into your body. The session ends with a guided (or silent) meditation (shavasana) to help you reflect on the practice.

All levels available, Beginners, Mixed Level .

Beginners class  - Monday morning at 10am Monday evening at 7pm

Beginners & returning to Yoga Kilfenora Hall Tuesday at 6pm-7:15pm

Men's Yoga - Tuesday at 8pm Wednesday at 6:30pm

Mixed Level class - Wednesday evening

Mixed level class - Thursday evening

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