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Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is grounded in Hatha yoga. These sessions allow the body to slow down and relax using a small number of poses (asanas). Restorative yoga is particularly beneficial to people who have suffered trauma and can be conducive to recovery. Many people experience it as a relaxing way to reset both body and mind. Colette guides you into the practice with poetry, soft music and meditation.  Each pose is held for longer than in conventional classes, sometimes for as long as twenty minutes, to allow the body to enjoy the full benefits of each asana. A session may consist of just four to six asanas. The longer holding of poses is often assisted with props like folded blankets, blocks, and bolsters to ensure the body is fully supported and allow the muscles to relax. Sound therapy and meditation form an important part of the practice as well.

Class times & days can be found on the 'Booking Page'

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