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What people have to say about us!

Pregnancy yoga


"I have done the pregnancy yoga, baby massage and mother and baby yoga classes with Colette. All the classes have been fabulously relaxed and very enriching on the often overwhelming pregnancy and new motherhood journey. Colette is so warm, kind and very knowledgable on yoga and small babies. It feels like she has been with us every step of the way on our journey! We have throughly enjoyed our classes with Colette and would highly recommend them to all."


Pregnancy Yoga


"I got introduced to Colette and her yoga classes when I joined her Pregnancy yoga class 5 months into my pregnancy. Colette offered a warm and welcoming space to relax, breathe, stretch, chat and feel at ease. A calming zone for a few hours to simply become one with my growing baby. I used many of her wonderful techniques, breath work and positive outlook throughout the pregnancy and the labour itself. Thank you!

Since the birth of my baby I have attended her Baby Massage class which was an intimate class to allow me to connect with my baby in the early stages and I use the massage teachings frequently. 


I now attend Colette's Baby Yoga class which has given me the opportunity to stretch my body again and the way she combines yoga poses with baby is very enjoyable and I always feel refreshed after the class.


I cannot recommend Colette's classes enough! Whichever class you choose this amazing woman makes time to get to know you, offers so much of herself, her experience, her time and I always feel seen and welcomed. Thank you Colette for teaching me how to use yoga to benefit me and my body but mostly thank you for providing a warm and comfortable space at every class I attend. Wishing you every success in the future and looking forward to many more classes💜


-Saskia xxx"

Colette is an amazing, caring and helpful teacher. I’ve been to pregnancy yoga classes. They are not just a yoga class to help ease all the ailments that come with pregnancy and it does help with all of those but a place to met other expectant mums and share experiences and learn lots of tips to help you on your pregnancy journey. 


Also a fabulous parent & toddler group with yoga practiced in a fun way for all. Both my son and I love the class he will even pull out a mat at home asking to do his baby yoga. We look forward to the class always.

I highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Mother & Baby Yoga

"I highly recommend Colette's Baby and Mommy Yoga. It really was something I looked forward to weekly. Colette is so welcoming, friendly, positive, and such an amazing listener. We did great yoga and the babies truly enjoyed it. Above all Colette creates an environment and atmosphere that you feel like it is a home away from home but also a place were we share tips, tricks, worries or talk about good and bad days as a mother in society. It is such a lovely space and class xx"


"I have attended Colette's 6.30am Morning Yoga class online since July 2021. As a working mum having difficulty getting out of the home to exercise, it was exactly what I was looking for. Daily stretching and meditations before children wake up has improved my flexibility,  concentration and mood. Colette's caring nature along with clear instruction makes the practice a very enjoyable experience which I never regret getting out of the bed for! Best of luck with the new yoga studio Colette,  you deserve all the best of success at your new venture"


Ellen, Cratloe, March 2023.

Mother & Baby Yoga

 Both my baby and I enjoyed every second of Colette's classes. She puts her heart and soul into every detail of the class, and she made us feel so welcome. I thoroughly looked forward to Yoga each week. I felt so much stronger physically and mentally after a class with Colette. 


The best of luck with the new premises Colette. Exciting times ahead. Congratulations. 


Le ghrá, 

Barbara-Anne and Caoimhe xx

Baby Massage

I have just completed the 4 week baby massage course with Colette. The course is very baby led and there is such a relaxed atmosphere created by Colette, there is no issue if your baby cries, needs feeding or needs to be changed. My little boy was 10 weeks when we started and he absolutely loved it. I also completed two terms with my first boy when he was 6 weeks and again when he was 12 weeks. 

The course is very well structured, building up the different techniques week by week including techniques for the stomach,  back, face, arms , legs etc. Colette is incredibly well informed and sets the course in the context of the benefits of massage and how each technique will help your baby. . After every session or even during  my baby would fall asleep as he was so relaxed. 


I cannot recommend this course highly enough- I really looked forward to it each week and am sad that it is over, but the techniques are invaluable and have helped immensely to wind the boys down for naps and bedtime. Colette  is a fantastic  and informative teacher and I enjoyed the chats after the massage, over a cup of tea and treat, just as much as the course itself!   -Siobhan

Monday Night Yoga

Since I have started yoga I can move parts of my body that I was unable to, Colette has provided me with the resorses to do this, she doesn't push you it's all about what you feel able to do.  I would never have thought yoga could've got me to be as flexible, thank you Colette keep up the great work.


Debbie Monday evening session 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️

Early Morning Yoga

Early Morning Yoga with Colette is a lovely way to start the day.  Plenty of flows and sun salutations are a perfect, positive start. Colette welcomes feedback and will tailor her classes to ensure you can get the best from the practice.  I recommend trying ..... you won't regret it. Sarah 

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